Welcome at last !

Dear BMS3016,  So there have been a few teething problems with the blogs and the system not working as it should.  Hopefully this new site will help with this.  We can give it a little test today to see whether this new site is fit for purpose.

Happy blogging!


About vanarm

Module leader for BMS3016- a science communication module.
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4 Responses to Welcome at last !

  1. Matthew Haggerty says:

    Seems fine to me, I don’t mind having it be more open access.
    Question though, do we just create our own account tied to our Uni email address, or would be allocated username/password details?

    • vanarm says:

      Think it is easiest if we do it as one so that everyone is using the same site. Did word press send you login details?

      • Matthew Haggerty says:

        No details from WordPress, just the invitation to follow this blog. Using WordPress, the way I see it, you could either have people set up their own blog via WordPress and all follow this blog; or individually create the blogs for each person and then message them the details via email.

  2. kehaylor says:

    WordPress didn’t send me log in details, so I’ve created an account.

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