Centre for Life – Giving life back into Science

After visiting the Centre for Life today, I really feel that communication in science is going down the right route.

All the way through childhood I would visit museums to be confronted by a wall of text and glass boxes, which I personally think is a bit boring and overwhelming for me as a 20 year old, let alone a 10 year old child.

But today having a talk from Ian Simmons, head of science communication at the Centre for Life, I feel those days are behind us. To see his passion for interactive material that engages people of all ages was refreshing. Seeing his thinking behind every exhibit was enlightening, even the soft play area had been thought out, stimulating children’s minds by building whatever they pleased.

Although saying this, over summer I visited the Natural History Museum and found my pet hate TEXT & GLASS BOXES, with exhibits that hadn’t changed since I was last there at the age of 10. What made it worse was that the exhibits had been there that long they were having to be preserved, so half of them weren’t on display.

exhibit closed sign

Fun and informative is it really that much to ask for? But maybe it’s only the Centre for Life that has woken up and smelt that coffee, so to speak, but I really hope not. Needless to say I had a great visit and was turned back into a child, perplexed by somethings and how they worked. My imagination was captured.

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2 Responses to Centre for Life – Giving life back into Science

  1. vanarm says:

    There will be more from museums tomorrow. I agree things are changing, science centres versus classical museums. Interactive exhibit I believe are the way to go.

  2. emilylawson92 says:

    Interactive museums are definitely the way forward. I’d much rather run around and play with thing than look at things trapped in glass boxes. Who cares how weird I look running around the Kids’ Zone!

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