Following on from this week’s trip to the Centre for Life it was great to see a modern approach to educating science to the public.

The ability to interact with so many of the exhibits was quite different to visiting science museums in my childhood. It’s great to see that other museums, such as the Thinktank in Birmingham also use the approach of encouraging curiosity rather than overloading with information.

What I didn’t realise was that the Centre for Life also offered workshops to local schools. The education officers seem really keen to offer schoolchildren the chance to engage in science in ways not possible on a school budget and give them a real opportunity to spark a lifelong interest in science.

The only disappointing part of the trip (not counting the weather) was that I couldn’t touch the dinosaurs…although that may have been for the best.

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2 Responses to Dinosaurs

  1. vanarm says:

    Great image! Goes along with the ideal of creating memories that Naomi spoke of. Glad you enjoyed the visit. More on museums tomorrow

  2. hyau93 says:

    Hahaha @ final picture! Also i agree that the Centre for Life is doing a good thing in sharing their facilities with local schools, as it would be a shame if children missed out on the chance of engaging in science due to limited school budgets etc!

    Lets keep encouraging it! That’s one thing we can do something about, unfortunatley with regards to the weather theres nothing we can do about that!

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