Me, myself and iphone

As informative media is migrating increasingly from newspapers and TV to the online empire, news corporations like the BBC are having to adapt their methods of communication.

People’s reliance on technology has grown exponentially over the past few years, with the popularity of smart phones, tablets and online Internet browsing ever increasing.

Rachel Kerr recently gave a lecture on documentary and web production for the BBC, from a largely science based perspective. Outlining the need for stark, memorable images that will catch the attention of the busy population glancing at the day’s headlines. Links to further similar subjects and comparisons that the public can relate to are important to capture an audience that are looking for quick, informative news stories in a spare moment- as opposed to the traditional read of the papers on a lazy Sunday.

Before long, traditional media will be dissolved by the online generation of news sources. Several entrepreneurial organizations have taken advantage of the digital movement, such as the popular news blog, The Huffington Post, which conveys UK news and opinion.

The BBC remains the most popular news source in the UK, which could be due to its impressive range of stories, not just breaking news, its bright images that draw in an audience, and many articles come with a link to a video story to further enhance the article.

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