Can you read this?

What do you think the average reading age is for somebody in the North East of England? A part of the United Kingdom a country which ranks 27th in the world human development index. Take a guess.

Well the answer is 8 years old. Which is an absolutely terrible statistic!

Makes you think doesn’t it just how much of a developed society we actually are. Where there is just so much difference in the levels of education people receive.  How is it possible that such a huge number manage to slip through the net?

Interested in finding out I came across a charity called Teach First who are setting about closing the educational achievement gap. They have compiled many statistics and they suggest the amount your family earns strongly determines how long you live and how well you do at school. 2.6 million children in Britain live in poverty, those that receive free school meals only half are likely to get 5 GCSE’s A* to C. Half of these children will receive no GCSE’s above a D grade.

How can we as a society share and enjoy the cutting edge scientific advances, when there is such a large number that aren’t able to enjoy the success. Without being able to understand science until someone puts it in the most basic terms. The whole joy of science the desire to understand is lost. Isn’t the whole point of science to ask why?

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