Is there anything the BBC doesn’t do?

News, sport, weather and…science communication; where else could you get all this in one place, but the BBC website!

Relating science to the reader was the theme of the talk today- given by guest speaker Rachel Kerr, from the BBC news online team.

The short, sweet and simple nature is what online journalism aims for.

The BBC, being the primary news source for many, is tasked with reporting breaking news to the public, in a way which keeps their audience engaged.

Their online site is created in such a way that one headline article contains links to subsequent related articles, shown here, which readers can choose to follow up on.

This bite size layout is useful with more people than ever turning to digital sources. The importance of “easy to read” and “attention grabbing” headlines can be the difference between a reader coming to your website, or scanning to find another.

The presence of a “science/Environment” section on the BBC website now, shows the growth in public interest, towards many new areas of science research. The role of the media and science communication, no doubt played a big part.

With traditionally boring research now being made accessible to the general public, through increased media coverage, which relates everyday understanding; we are starting to see countless methods of science reporting (Interview, news clip and documentary).

Maybe the next big form of science reporting is over the radio? Oh wait, no, the BBC are doing podcasts already! let’s keep thinking…


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3 Responses to Is there anything the BBC doesn’t do?

  1. vanarm says:

    Lots of fingers in many pies, are the BBC always impartial though? Tax payers money well spent?

  2. hyau93 says:

    Very fair point @vanarm! Rachel highlighted the importance of impartiality at the BBC although many others are always questioning this…

    I believe slight bias aside the BBC is money well spent, with regards to the services they offer. Of course there is some question over the recent pay-offs to executives scandals:

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