Negative Feedback Journalism

As any journalist will tell you, it doesn’t matter how enthusiastic you are about a certain scientific topic or principle, if it’s too complex, it simply won’t interest the recipient. Something I am constantly reminded of when my mother asks “so what are you up to at university”. But perhaps, following a talk by Rachel Kerr, I might now be better equipped to peddle my science wares.

Interaction with the audience is crucial in scientific communication as it’s your own understanding and enthusiasm of a topic that you must pass on, this is normally a balanced process as journalists tend to come from a more artistic background and counteract the technicalities scientists obsess over while passing on the key points, of course, this can be done a variety of ways to achieve what I essentially call “pub science”.

This combination of fascinating science whilst cleverly relating it to the audience is exactly what we saw in the talk, by determining how recent developments can affect the general population you can gain their interest, putting you in a much stronger position to purvey your own enthusiasm or the enthusiasm of the scientist or both, if you’re approaching things from my end of the scale.


About jbsheppard

Hello, if you've taken the time to read a little bit about me, you probably already know that my name’s Joe. Like my co-conspirators here, I share a passion for modern bio-sciences, which is hopefully why you’re here as well, and if it’s not then surprise yourself and have a quick read. Recent developments into cognitive neuroscience and neurology (which are awesome) will play a large part in my section of this blog as these are rapidly changing fields that blur the lines between physics, philosophy, biology and psychiatry. People say that science takes the mystery out of discovery, that the reductionist approach to life causes people to lose sight of the initial curiosity. But this couldn't be more wrong, there is so much yet that science has figured out and for me the unknown is just as exciting as the known. I hope to be able to make you feel the same. J
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One Response to Negative Feedback Journalism

  1. vanarm says:

    I like your about section. How about adding soem links to support your blog? maybe example of how science has reached the masses>

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