Roll Up Roll Up, Science on Parade

This summer the British Science Festival was in Newcastle and I was lucky enough work as an event assistant. The most incredible thing about the job was that I got to see award winning speakers give talks about their research…and managed to sneak in for free.

The week long bonanza was a great experience and was the first time that I was presented with such a diverse range of science topics that I tried to immerse myself in. Free talks during the day ranged in topics from metal heath to maths and from particle physics to politics, so they really did have something for everyone.

A talk I attended on ‘Three-Parent Babies’ was particularly interesting, as I had heard about the research done at Newcastle University. It was chaired by the Wellcome Trust’s Mark Henderson and was divided between four speakers each looking at a different aspect of the story, including issues I hadn’t considered. The idea that the child’s mental health may be affected and the egg donor may be involved in their life baffled me, but must be debated.

 Other events included workshops for instance Come Dissect with Mea guided dissection of a freshly-landed octopus’ and plenty of family orientated happenings where children could spend a Night at the Museum. The final night of the festival was held at the Centre for Life which gave a salute to medicine and also had very delicious science-themed cocktails which after a week of intense of science, were well deserved.



About juliarosencl

I’m Julia Rose Humes and my main area of interest is the biochemistry of brains. Give me an intracellular pathway that leads to cell death in neurons or a drug that can affect how brain cells respond and I’m your girl. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything but I am constantly amazed by scientific research and discoveries, and that’s my reason for wanting to be part of this blog. I hope that my career path will lead down the rabbit hole into a laboratory working on neurodegeneration but I intend keep up the hobby of scientific writing as much as I can. Science can be scary when your first starting out or don’t have a scientific background. I remember trying to read a journal article in the first few weeks of my undergraduate degree and even the title gave me a headache. If I can be any help in explaining the science behind the news or just present the intriguing science that hasn’t made it onto the TV, my job will be done.
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3 Responses to Roll Up Roll Up, Science on Parade

  1. vanarm says:

    great about section, personal blog and glad to hear of your involvement with BSF

  2. jessicarose11 says:

    Really interesting blog, flowed well from start to finish – but would like to have heard more about your opinions on ‘Three-Parent Babies’! 🙂

  3. leahdey says:

    Really interesting blog! Great links to the research done at Newcastle. Obviously the three-parent babies topic is one with many views, I don’t want to get too into it, but one question I thought is; a small part of the mother’s DNA is mixed with the female donor, so who is the biological mother? It raises too many issues if you ask me. Also, when you say science-themed cocktails, what did this involve? I’m picturing all sorts in this drink but I think that’s my mind getting carried away!

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