The brilliant BBC

The opposite side of the coin! The BBC journalist Rachel Kerr gave our second talk. I was curious to hear a journalist’s view, on what makes a prospective story appealing. It was interesting to compare this with what we had already heard from Karen Bidwell.

Bombarded with 200 press releases a day Rachel is quick to discard those she doesn’t understand. Rachel loves her job as it enables her to learn about fresh news areas everyday. So do science writers really require a related degree, when they must learn on the job anyway? Rachel spoke of her background in the Arts, common amongst journalists. This further cemented the importance of the press office to simplify academic science.

The BBC is undoubtedly Britain’s favourite broadcaster. Running for almost 100 years, the BBC uses a multitude of media to inform, educate and entertain. From traditional radio and TV broadcasts to a website and even an App, the BBC caters to a wide audience. So whether your sitting cosily with a cup of tea watching the 6 o’clock news, or checking the football score on the go using the App, you can always rely on the BBC to give you the latest.

Rachel is an online correspondent and showed us some of the latest health and science video narratives. The clips demonstrated tricks of the trade used by the BBC to attract an audience. See if you can pick out any of these in Fergus Walsh’s report on a Billion pound brain project!



Word count: 250

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4 Responses to The brilliant BBC

  1. vanarm says:

    good, so do you like the BBC and think they are worth the tax payers money?

  2. hyau93 says:

    Great that you picked up on the fact that the BBC provides a wealth of services too, It’s definitely one of my favored sources for both news and entertainment. Regardless of topic, they always seem to have it covered anyway! 🙂

    Is there anything you think the BBC could add to their services or have they already covered everything?

  3. rsimpson2 says:

    Yes I really like the BBC, I think it would be really usefull if the BBC ran a university course in communication and broadcasting which graduates from any degree discipline could get involved . That way the journalists would have more specific background knowledge on their reporting areas.

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