Can the taxpayer keep museums open?

The funding for Arts in Newcastle has just been cut by 50%. This has a direct impact on The Great North Museum which mainly focuses on natural history with sections looking at the history of the Romans and ancient Greeks. It also affects The Discovery Museum which informs people about Science in Industry such as mechanics and engineering.

Today, representatives from these museums informed us about the workshops and exhibitions they help organise for family visits and schools. The days out they provide can make a big impact on young people and be a key learning experience outside of the classroom.

However, many people believe their funding should be completely dropped leaving them to find funding privately, or start charging large amounts for currently free activities and events potentially barring the way for children from lower income areas.

They have very strong arguments because surely prioritising the NHS, education and keeping the roads open is much more important than funding museums?

I disagree because I think developing well rounded and educated individuals is essential to helping our society produce creative people. The arts generate about £5.9 billion for our economy, and this can only continue to grow if people become interested from a young age. Continuing to fund arts and Museums will provide us great benefits as a society because it will feedback into the economy and help nourish children’s interests in science and art in a creative environment.


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One Response to Can the taxpayer keep museums open?

  1. vanarm says:

    really interesting angle, have you got the links to support the facts in the blog, perhaps worth adding?

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