A life in the Museum

Eurgh, museums; boring and full of fossils or something like that…Not so, said Roy and Eileen, the learning officers from the Discovery museum and Great North Museum, today.

In fact their passion for working in museums was evidently quite clear. Roy, full of enthusiasm, told us about his eventful journey that started in forensic science before finally settling down to work as an informal science educator.

So why do so many of us find museums boring? (The Telegraph ranked the Dog collar museum, in Kent, at number 5 of Britain’s most boring days out).

Well in the case of the Dog Collar museum, it’s probably cause of the content that the museum holds. But what Eileen and Roy were keen to stress was their aims to modernise their museums and make a more interesting learning atmosphere, which would target the youth demographic, in particular.

Museums can be a vital tool in science education, which most schools have neglected totally; as schools aim to teach a set curriculum inside the classroom, in order to achieve top grades.

Both our speakers feel that although they’re away from the ‘front line’ in teaching, they still have a responsibility to educate schoolchildren. Some of Roy and Eileen’s roles as teaching officers include delivering workshops in schools and setting manageable learning programmes. They are however, limited by learning budgets and so as much as they want to educate the masses; unfortunately they don’t have the resources to do so.


How else can they generate revenue?


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  1. vanarm says:

    Well your joke made me laugh and I liked the cartoon,

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