Did curiosity really kill the cat?

I just want to say how much of an AWESOME time I had at the Centre For Life. I’ll talk about the serious stuff later, but first I want to revel in the memories of the planetarium, dinosaurs, fossils and ice wall, forgetting momentarily that I’m a scientist, and remembering all of the fun and curiosity that science brought as a child.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and I feel that this definitely applies to both science and children. With science there is no better way to learn than experimenting, proven at the Centre For Life with their Curiosity Zone, with no instructions and no rules, just the limits of your imagination.

So now we’re getting to the serious bit! Science+Children=an unlimited number of possibilities, right? The Life Centre is a very special place, certainly the only place like it in the North East, but is it alone in its offering of science to children outside of the classroom?

Last year I attended Durham University Science Festival as a STEM ambassador. It was a collection of organisations offering science based activities for kids; however, unless you attend festivals like that, it’s hard to find these activities. There was very little on What’sOnNorthEast, but, after some digging I found cool websites like Brainwave and MadScience. With science being such an important part of life I really think there should be more going on for kids– or even just some better marketing!

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2 Responses to Did curiosity really kill the cat?

  1. leahdey says:

    great blog! I like how you added a personal experience in about when you went to Durham University Science Festival. I completely agree that there should be more going on for kids in terms of activities and interactions, they’re more likely to remember things they’ve actually seen rather than just listening about them from the teacher!

  2. vanarm says:

    Ditto, like personal slant and fact you had a good time, perhasp one thing to say is that Science museums should do more to attract adults through their doors too- why should the children have all the fun?

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