“Night at the Museum”

As a lover of museums it was interesting to hear about what goes into creating the perfect exhibition. Through some serious sarcasm and hysterical wit turns out museums really consider their audience.

Instead of getting to play with exhibitions and really embrace “Night at the Museum”, there is meeting upon meeting, discussion upon discussion.

I was really surprised to hear that firstly; there is a Learning Officer and secondly; the National Curriculum is incorporated into exhibitions. This supports and helps educate pupils’ who may find it difficult to learn in a classroom environment and make them more interested in the topic.

Along with schools museums also contribute greatly to the communities surrounding them. During school holidays family activities are developed: free activities! These activities involve science, shows, story-telling, resources and interactive activities.

Respect your museum! They still contribute so much with huge budget cuts!


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One Response to “Night at the Museum”

  1. vanarm says:

    glad you liked the wit and sarcasm. May need a coma or addition of it in first paragraph

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