Looking at the health section on the bbc website, it’s difficult to know where to start… what is it that draws us in and makes us want to read a story? The headline; the pictures; how much space it takes up on the page?

I could quite easily have carried on and chosen a number of articles that looked interesting as this is a subject area I enjoy. But I wanted an outsider’s point of view, from people who aren’t interested in science; would they want to read the stories as well?

So I asked my housemates to go on the BBC news website and look at the health section of the news. I then asked them out of all the stories on the page which one would you want to read and why did it catch your attention?

Living with 6 girls who study arts subjects, it’s not surprising that they were less than enthusiastic about my request, one response after only 2 minutes was ‘right now?’- great start. Clearly they were on the internet as this is where I made my request, so why not now? I waited for a response.

After an hour still nothing. I am now left with more questions than I started with. Why is the current generation opposed to the idea of science? And why with such great access to information do people still insist on ignoring it all?



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  1. Lorna says:

    I really liked the whole idea behind this blog of getting your housemates involved for a non-scientist opinion on it all. However I think although attention grabbing, capitals in the title come across a little agressive and though they do make you think there are maybe a few too many questions in the blog? Still an enjoyable read though.

  2. This is fab! I forget that not everyone is as mad about science as I am. I am going to get my flatmates to do the same thing tomorrow! Although I don’t have much hope. Love the different take on the blog subject area.

  3. emilyvhampton says:

    Thank you Lorna for you feedback, it was very helpful. I didn’t actually mean to post it in capitals and I can see how this can come across aggressive. I will make sure I check everything through before I post next time!

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