Philippe the Flip Flop Elephant

Today I visited the Great North Museum: Hancock, to attend a talk by Dr Adam Rutherford. Unfortunately the talk was cancelled thanks to the storm, which has taken over Britain and the news, disrupting Network Rail and therefore Mark’s journey.

HOWEVER, this gave me a great opportunity (excuse) to roam around the museum and look at the weird and wonderful displays. If you haven’t been to the Great North Museum, it’s definitely worth a trip, and… it’s FREE! Although I advise you not to go this week (half term) as I found out today!

As soon as you walk in you’re hit with ginormous exhibits such as this:


And when you take the time to look around you see smaller displays like this:


This is Philippe and he has travelled all the way from Kenya! He ‘s an elephant made out of recycled flip-flops! To me, it’s a really nice idea because not only is it different and cool to look at, it’s making use out of some of the rubbish washed up on beaches which can spoil the attraction as well as contribute to ocean pollution! The company responsible for this brilliant idea is Ocean Sole, and other unusual products they’ve produced can be found on their website!

Just one afternoon effortlessly strolling around a museum can expose you to amazing designs and creations. Who knew that a ‘flip-flop elephant’ made in Kenya was sitting in the Great North Museum? I didn’t!

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One Response to Philippe the Flip Flop Elephant

  1. vanarm says:

    very interesting and engaging, shame about the talk being cancelled but glad you got something out of your visit

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