Another excuse to Facebook?

Gone are the days of Bebo with its ‘random strangers’ and MySpace with its ‘up and coming’ bands.

Facebook and Twitter are the social media sites of the moment. But stalking people isn’t their only use. They also provide loads of opportunities to find out about the world of science… if you know where to look.

Facebook doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for communicating science. But you know those pages that you liked, the ones which now fill your news feed with spam… turns out they can be fun. A few months back I ‘liked’ a page called ‘I f**king love Science’. It’s a page which shows you the witty side of science, whilst at the same time, providing you with some interesting scientific knowledge.

The variety of posts on the page are great and it covers a range of all things sciency. So whatever you’re interested in, you’re sure to find something you like the look of. From medication to treat cocaine dependence, to making your own light bulb using nothing but a coke bottle, bleach and water. The page shows that science really is for everyone.

Because the site communicates in such a fun and accessible way it’s gained a HUGE following, it currently stands at 8.1 million ‘likes’. That’s almost twice as many as Robbie Williams!

Don’t just believe me on this one… take a look for yourself.


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