It’s like talking a foreign language…

So I just wrote my first press release… After managing to decipher the paper myself, I attempted to write it in a way Joe Bloggs would understand.

Having written a piece I thought was a good first draft I asked several members of my family to give it a read and tell me if they understood it.  Neither of my parents went to university or have much scientific knowledge so they were the perfect audience for my piece.

What I didn’t anticipate was how satisfying communicating the science to my family would be. I myself often struggle trawling through a long journal article trying to pick out the bits of information I need and I’m meant to be interested in and know about this stuff. So to be able to simplify it so they could understand it too was great.

I really appreciated the feedback that I received but more than that I loved that they were also asking me questions and wanting to discuss the topic further, my Granddad in particular sent me a very long email on the matter.

It really does just go to show if you write something in the right style for an audience you can grasp their interest with ease, I’m certain had I handed my Mum the journal from the Lancet she would have just looked at me and handed it back immediately.

So I got the attention of my 80 year old Grandad, here’s hoping I can make an interesting presentation too…

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2 Responses to It’s like talking a foreign language…

  1. vanarm says:

    great idea and good to get the family involved! I’m sure you’ll do a good presentation. May be worth adding a couple of links , to paper or press release or soemthing associated with topic of paper for teh assessed blog

  2. hmisles says:

    I agree, I always find it difficult to tell my family about things Im doing at uni, but the press release helps to simplify things

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