Is the BBC too BBasiC?

Rachel Kerr played us BBC reports on Alzheimer’s Disease and a sleep brain study. She posed us the question: “Are they too simplistic?”

My initial reaction (being the scientist I am!), was that I wanted to know more! What chemical signals did the drug block?! What side effects did it have?! How does the first phase of sleep consolidate memories?! What genes are switched when sleep deprived?!

On reflection, considering the majority of the public may lack scientific knowledge, both clips give the perfect glimpse. Just because they didn’t do a Biomedical Sciences degree doesn’t mean they cant be interested too!

She had previously advised us, that if we ever struggled to begin writing a press release, that we should imagine ourselves in the pub with a pint, telling our friends the story. Well, had I done so, I probably would’ve told the sleep report word for word as in the report – albeit, maybe without electrodes taped to my head, unlike Dr Michael Mosley!


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2 Responses to Is the BBC too BBasiC?

  1. vanarm says:

    Good ideas, care with grammar.

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