Let’s talk about sex

Embarrassing bodies, sex box and unsafe sex in the city are all programs in educating people especially teenagers and young adults about taboo subjects such as STI’s and erectile dysfunction. 

 I for one thing it’s a very important for the media to put real life scenarios and problems for the general public. The reason for this is because sex education is not compulsory in schools so the level of sexual education varies from institution to school. At the same time some people believe that sex education is a parents job, but some parents often find it to awkward to have that kind of chat with their child.


 Even if this talk does occur there may be a lot of things that haven’t been said that should have been. Without the proper education in sexual health, more teenagers are becoming pregnant; any 1 in 10 15-24 year olds have had chlamydia at some point. Many young people do not think about the consequences that can occur because of unsafe sex, but as many are not given the amount of sex education to educate them properly about the repercussions of their actions.

I believe that these types of programs raise awareness of topics many young people think about but are too ashamed to ask about. So even if parents and the schools do not educate children sufficiently then at least now there are thousands of pages on the Internet and programs that may just make everyone a bit more conscious of their sexual health. 

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