Why do the public love shades of grey?

What an engaging talk from Karen Bidewell and how exciting that she is from our very own university’s press release office!

She talked to us about the importance of engaging your audience. I’ll give it to her – she sure knew how to engage a lecture theatre of students by playing us a clip from the comedy show, ‘Have I Got News For You’!

One of the key subjects she highlighted that stood out to me, was the importance of grabbing an audience’s attention. A topic she mentioned that would, no doubt, catch the public eye, was controversies. Areas of grey, if you will. Because, let’s face it, no controversy is black or white! Everyone has an opinion. And what’s more – everyone loves a conflict to voice their opinion about!

Even you can’t admit you don’t love a bit of old fashioned controversy. I bet my play on words, from the very controversial novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in my title, is what enticed you to even read this post – maybe I’ve learnt more than I thought about audiences already!


So, we should throw ourselves into the shades of grey, I say! It opens the mind. Provokes discussion. And, most importantly captures our audience!

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