Centre for Life …and the Long Dead


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I recently visited the Science Centre at the Centre for Life (CfL) for the first time (yes, those who live at Heaven’s gate get there last) with my Science Communication class. We were given an inside view of what they do and how the CfL functions.

We were shown round by a Public Engagement Officer who explained to us that the CfL is an education charity with funding sourced primarily from rent paid by the various organisations which are tenants in the buildings. That’s besides revenue from ticket sales and for services offered.

The Centre puts on loads of engaging events for all age groups; there’s what seemed like a magician’s theatre where they hold exciting shows showcasing scientific experiments. They even do experiments for schools, at very affordable prices, which are part of their students’ assessments.

There’s a museum-like display area about life: past, present and future, and interesting set-ups of everything from infrared (heat-vision) cameras to sand sculpture stands, so you can really get your hands dirty. They also have exhibitions which change periodically; now it’s about dinosaurs with quite realistic dinosaur models.

There are job opportunities in science communication at the CfL, ranging from work as a Science Explainer, who explains science to visitors and even goes out to schools, to Science Communication Manager who has responsibility for organising exhibitions and has managerial duties.

The CfL is a fun place to spend an afternoon alone or with friends and family. Do visit.

Until next time, Ciao.

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