News via the Web: Can it keep up?

If you had asked a group of people only five years ago how many of them got their daily dose of news via papers or the T.V. then I could probably bet that 90% of them would have put their hands up. However ask the same question today and you would be lucky if a third still did.


You may ask yourself have all of these people decided not to keep up to date with the news then. The answer would be no, now people are absorbing the news from the web. Through the inventions of things like twitter and Facebook; there has been a soar in the amount of news available.


But with this surge of information we have become greedy and now we are outraged if breaking news stories haven’t made it to ours eyes within a minute of it happening. The problem is that there are so many news outlets that all want to be the first ones to a story that the ones left behind invariably go out of business.


What’s more, the general public now presume themselves to be reporters and upload camera footage of accidents and explosions and reactions which were ‘as it happens’. Can the official news like the BBC compete?


I’m of the opinion that unless they embrace what is happening and come up with a new hook to get people back into watching the news and reading the news then people will go elsewhere to more unreliable but quicker news feeds. 

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One Response to News via the Web: Can it keep up?

  1. vanarm says:

    good, I agree it is definitely changing times. Sometime rough video from incidents can be really quite scary and unpleasant- shoudl someone edit this, especially if before the 9pm watershed? Do the likes of BBC need to up tehir game on the social media side or change tactics completely?

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