A technical balancing act

“Writing is applied psychology because it is the art of creating desired effects” – John Trimble.


It is vital that styles of writing vary depending on the target audience. It lies within the skill of the writer to identify the desired readers and to correctly address them. Alicia’s comparisons between original scientific papers, science articles, blogs and press releases highlighted the vast differences between ways that the same idea can be presented.

 Technical terminology has to be transformed into analogies that occur in day-to-day life so that people without a scientific background understand can relate to the scientific theories and language. The same style of writing, however, would appear patronising if it were to appear in an academic journal. A blog helps to spread the information to a wider audience, specifically young adults, but will not provide anywhere near the amount of detail that someone studying the topic would require. This should always be kept in mind when trying to research a particular topic as a so-called “dumbed down” version of the story may help provide the basics, but for further analysis academic papers should be consulted. 

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