Style is everything Dahhlinggg!


People may not naturally link fashion with writing, but if you think about it there are a lot of equals to be drawn. For example if you’re going to a ball you don’t chuck on a pair of jeans and a top; you would probably be more likely to opt for a gown or a tux. The same could be said of writing styles. If you’re writing a literature review about a new piece of evidence you’re hardly going to be writing how I am now. More likely there will be theories, there will definitely be ‘maybe’s’, and there will not be apostrophes! (or exclamations).


There is a need to change your style in order to suit the situation, just like you would when getting dressed. Below is the inverted triangle technique used for journalistic style purposes. It’s all about getting as much information to the general public as quickly as possible; whereas a scientific article would lose credibility if this style was used.


A scientific article is all about the theoretical approach, saying nothing for certain. It is the politician of the writing styles if you will. For this, a more refined shape is needed to show the structure.


As I understood from Alicia Cresswell, whose job is with the Writing Development Centre, writing a research paper is all about having respect for the previous work that has gone into your discovery and then suggesting, never declaring, that perhaps this is now the step forward. An equal to lunch with the Grandparents possibly. 

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One Response to Style is everything Dahhlinggg!

  1. vanarm says:

    Great analogy, like the images.

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