Witching on the Metro!

On Thursday 31st October, when most people were just heading into the toon for a big fancy dress night out, I was getting the metro back from the Discovery Museum. This was no ordinary ride home, it involved many funny looks and people laughing at me. Why? Because I was on the metro to West Jesmond looking like this!
There is of course a reason behind the green face paint. I had been volunteering at the ‘spooky night at the museum’, arranged after registering with Tyne and Wear archives and museums. After turning up, being briefed about my responsibilities I was face painted and donned my witches hat. My night involved alternative apple bobbing, a ghost circus, a science maze and plenty of ghoulish children!
My favourite part of the night was meeting Tommy the dinosaur who said ‘did you know that witches and dinosaurs are best friends?’ and then asked if he could sit next to me to watch the ghost circus. Too cute! I was concerned about watching the performance three times but luckily each time it was a different set of acts. Zombies juggling skulls, vampires laying on beds of nails, even rag dolls performing elaborate aerial rope gymnastics all wowed the audience.
Without Roy and Eileen’s Science Communication lecture I would never have encountered the opportunity to get involved. I can’t recommend volunteering at the museums enough. To register get in contact with Alan Brown (alan.Brown@twmuseums.org.uk).
Just be prepared to be painted green for science!
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2 Responses to Witching on the Metro!

  1. emilylawson92 says:

    Nice face paint! It’s great that you’re getting involved at the museum, it sounds like fun.

  2. hmisles says:

    Fun blog! Makes volunteering at the museum sound exciting!

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