Delight at the Museum

Take this scenario: I, as a very shy 8 year old, get told by my mother that she has a surprise for me and my best friend.

Weeks of believing that we were actually long-lost sisters lead to an underwhelming reveal; an overnight stay at Manchester Museum! A museum – really? Truth be told I was terrified. What whimpy child wants to sleep in the same room as a load of mummies?

Fast-forward to afterwards and a radical change of opinion evolved.

As a self-confessed Teacher’s Pet, I had always loved school. Put simply, I was good at it, ‘good at school’, but to have a clear direction, excelling in a single field would surely have been easier.
One night spent immersed in science and taxidermy animals at the Museum however changed my entire outlook. Mind = blown. Science was the past, present and most significantly, my future.

The recent lecture from a pair of museum Learning Officers brought this experience to the forefront of my mind, and it clicked: that’s when science really struck me. This is what makes projects like the ones at Discovery and Great North Museum so important – they engage children, giving budding scientists the direction to fuel their ambitions.

Science is ever-present, but it’s those enthusiastic enough to exhibit it in such new and interesting ways that we as a community have to thank for the impact of science on society, and that I personally have to thank for determining the course of my future.

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  1. vanarm says:

    Wow, glad to hear that the museum visit inspired you. It is like what Naomi said, the aim of such visits is to create a memory. Have you got a link for Manchester Museuem?

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