Lego & Cake

Last Monday (18th November) was Antibiotic Awareness Day. To celebrate, the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences (ICaMB) held an evening at the Badily-Clark building which included building bacteria models out of Lego.

A quick look on the internet showed that others have gone to extreme lengths to show their love of science in Lego form. From an anatomically correct heart to cell culture on Lego men and even something for Breaking Bad fans.

Science hasn’t stopped at Lego though. From the garage into the kitchen, many people have found creative ways to combine science with baking. I could dedicate pages and pages to the genius cakes that have been made but some of the best ones include petri dishes, a eukaryotic cell and last but not least a medical textbook.

This novel way of combining two passions provides a fantastic method for conveying science to others as well.

Perhaps there will come a day where science need not be taught through lectures or books but instead through food, preferably large amounts of meat and beer. A man can dream…

Feel free to add any exciting creations you’ve found in the comments.

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One Response to Lego & Cake

  1. vanarm says:

    Interesting concept, I’d still stick with the baking personally as neither beer or meat appeal!

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