DO try this at home!

1. Take 1 packet of Starburst.

2. Select a sweet at random whilst you close your eyes and pinch your nose!

3. Now this is the hard part! Place the sweet in your mouth, chew but DO NOT swallow. (Make sure you still have your nose pinched)

4. Try to guess what flavour sweet you have.

5. Now release your nose, keep chewing and see what happens!

Our taste relies on a combination of taste buds on our tongue along with receptors in the back of our throats, which detect tastes when we breathe in. That’s why we can’t taste anything when we have a blocked nose!

Being a STEM ambassador combined 2 of my loves, science and working with children! I got involved with STEM during my placement at Proctor & Gamble, going into schools and science fairs. We were trying to communicate to the children how important smell is when using products and the research behind it.

The starburst game was always a fantastic starter, but it was shocking to see that the children still saw “scientists” as old men in lab coats and they all wanted to eventually be footballers or princesses. However after an hour of sweets, making perfumes and lots of fun, nearly all of the class wanted to grow up to be scientists! Inspiring children to be interested in STEM is not only rewarding but necessary to make sure the future of science is in safe hands!

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One Response to DO try this at home!

  1. vanarm says:

    Excellent, glad you have enjoyed your experiences of being a stem ambassador. Is it worth adding the link for stem net in case others want to give it a go?

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