Get A Life!

Last week we visited the life centre, and it was amazing! The public floor itself was full of interesting stuff, from magnets to moons, and not forgetting moving dinosaurs! Then we saw the education department and I was blown away.

The education team were not only highly qualified, but had loads of imagination and excitement for teaching science. Add to this state of the art equipment, and its easy to see why children perform two grades higher at life centre sessions. 

The life centre is a really special feature of Newcastle and a great way to get children interested in science. I was also amazed to find out that the life centre receives no public funding and is a registered charity.

As we know the current economy is not great, with the north east of England having the highest rates of unemployment in the country. So now more than ever we need to show children the power of knowledge and encourage them to pursue education.

Obviously schools do not have an unlimited budget so who’s going to help?

The north east has a number of really good universities, could they be doing more to reach local children?

Or should the government be funding projects like the life centre? 

Personally I would have loved a trip to the life centre in school and think the team are doing a great job at getting children engaged in science.

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One Response to Get A Life!

  1. vanarm says:

    Some good points, any links to support? What about undergraduates getting involved with stem activities, you could sign up for David’s stem ambassador course at Newcastle college?

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