‘I work for a museum’ and other boring sounding jobs…or think again?

It’s THE dinner party question: ‘so, what do you do?’ Imagine, hearing the response ‘I work for a museum’, and that’s the conversation over. Or so I thought. To me it sounded pretty dull.

Oh how wrong I was and that, I suppose,  is the point of this module; to get us thinking and challenging our misconceptions of science communication. Which is exactly what happened as I listened to Roy and Eileen. I found myself fully captivated. As they described their roles at the Discovery museum and Great North museum respectively, I found myself seriously considering museum work as a possible career path. 

They spoke of the challenges that come from interacting with people of all ages and the excitement at being involved in children’s learning. Managing events. Running workshops. Creating installations. I could see the beauty of engaging with the learning of students outside of the classroom environment.

It was especially the idea of learning through practical sessions that appealed to me, and supporting schools where perhaps the resources are not available. This is what museum work should be and it was wonderful to be excited anew about the way that children learn and to have my eyes opened to the privilege that it is to be involved with that. 



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One Response to ‘I work for a museum’ and other boring sounding jobs…or think again?

  1. vanarm says:

    I agree, opened my eyes too. Nice image.

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