Inspiring Science

My dad boasts 5 physics O-levels (the result of several resits in a desperate attempt to up his mark), yet today ask him a question from the curriculum and he would struggle to give you the answer…  Ask him however who won the champions league in any given year and the result will roll off his tongue. We remember and want to learn about  the things that interest us.

At a time when numbers of children taking science is on the decline we need to make science interesting. My love of science is mostly due to the contagious enthusiasm of my teachers. I highly doubt that I would have become a science student if it hadn’t been for their inspiration.

Researching for this blog I was shocked to find that many teachers aren’t specialised in the subject they are teaching. When teachers are trying to pass on information that doesn’t entice them, stimulating pupils is a near impossible task.

Another method for inspiring science is allowing children to experience science. Time constraints and health and safety concerns mean that teachers are more reluctant to allow pupils to preform practicals. But for many this is where the interest is sparked. Even if it’s quicker to watch a video or demonstration, we need practicals to put the fun back into science.

The way to encourage science isn’t by forcing it on pupils but inspiring it in them. More enthusiastic qualified teachers coupled with a hands on approach is, I believe, the way forwards.

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2 Responses to Inspiring Science

  1. vanarm says:

    I agree, inspiring and encouraging aspirations is the role of teachers, hopefully . This is something that also needs to be continued throughout education. Have you got any useful links that you could add? Certainly the teach first scheme aims to do just this.o

  2. hmisles says:

    This is very interesting, I can remember wanting to do more fun practicals at school, the teacher always got to do all the interesting stuff!

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