Induced STEMness- Getting School Kids into Science

STEMNET is an organisation which aims to increase children’s interest in science in all its shapes and sizes. On the news we are always hearing about the need for more scientists and engineers to fill the jobs available, in an economic climate that we find ourselves in with souring unemployment why are these jobs vacant?

The long and short of it is that if school children don’t chose to pursue these types of careers early on, such as GCSE level they don’t get the qualifications required to fill these roles. Studies have been done to identify children’s enjoyment of science in school at various ages and have very sadly shown a decrease in interest as children get older.

So the STEMNET initiative to increase the interest and activity in any kind of science is very worthwhile not just for the scientific community but pretty much for the whole country, as grand a statement as that sounds. STEMNET do this by sending ambassadors into schools to give kids ideas of the vast options of science based jobs that are out there, more than just lab monkey or science teacher. Also they do experiments with the children that they wouldn’t get a chance to do in normal lessons to get them excited and out of the normal classroom environment.

As far as good efforts go STEMNET trying to breach the gap between graduates with science qualifications and jobs available in science and engineering, it’s up there with the best.


About juliarosencl

I’m Julia Rose Humes and my main area of interest is the biochemistry of brains. Give me an intracellular pathway that leads to cell death in neurons or a drug that can affect how brain cells respond and I’m your girl. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything but I am constantly amazed by scientific research and discoveries, and that’s my reason for wanting to be part of this blog. I hope that my career path will lead down the rabbit hole into a laboratory working on neurodegeneration but I intend keep up the hobby of scientific writing as much as I can. Science can be scary when your first starting out or don’t have a scientific background. I remember trying to read a journal article in the first few weeks of my undergraduate degree and even the title gave me a headache. If I can be any help in explaining the science behind the news or just present the intriguing science that hasn’t made it onto the TV, my job will be done.
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2 Responses to Induced STEMness- Getting School Kids into Science

  1. leahdey says:

    I really enjoyed this blog, I thought you explained the role of STEMNET really well. The role of STEMNET is crucial to informing kids about the different career opportunities within science, like you say it’s not just all about laboratory jobs and teaching!

  2. vanarm says:

    I agree with Leah. If you aren’t an ambassador already the David Rogers will be able to help. Yes far more to it than lab jobs and teaching, the world’s your oyster

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