Science for the cultured

Science and the arts may be two different worlds for some but these two disciplines appear to be more intertwined than first thoughts allow.

It’s in our culture today to create categories and boxes, with science often being for the ‘logically minded’ and arts for the more ‘emotionally expressive’ and it is easy to forget that science and arts can in fact go hand in hand. Take Leonardo de Vinci, a renaissance man, who from the 15th century provided some of the greatest paintings today who also invented the basis of flying machines and proportions.


However, it does indeed seem that in modern culture more and more science topics are feeding new artistic ideas and movements which are engaging world issues to create emotional drive- something scientific paradigms alone seem incapable of providing.

A recent exhibition at The Fitzwilliam Museum explores the impact of Darwin’s ideas on late 19th century art; it concentrates not only on artists inspired by Darwin’s concepts but also how visual perception remained crucial for his scientific developments.

NASA have also recently released a series of images to celebrate invaluable information about Earth provided by satellites which illustrate the beauty of patterns and colours of the earth’s elements.

Can science benefit from art through depicting its beauty for subjective opinions and emotions?

And should scientists utilise this fusion to create a novel way of science communication using more than just words or just let beauty be?

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