Three little words: let’s get practical

People say scientists are needed for world changes: from energy and environment to health care and treatments. However, a recent talk from David Rogers, a STEM Outreach Officer, highlighted the increasing decline of interest in science based futures.

STEMNET is an independent charity which aims to bridge the gap between science professionals and school students in an aim to inspire and encourage students into science and engineering based work. In his talk, David Rogers illustrated how a more hands on approach can help to reignite kids’ natural curiosity and engagement in science.

And practicality certainly got me hooked.

As a kid, trips to museums were always saved for rainy afternoons. The Inspire Discovery Centre in Norwich was always a favourite of my parents as it allowed us kids the freedom to run around and dare each other into scary activities whilst mum and dad could browse with a little more curiosity into the underlying science; it possessed a fine balance of keeping kids entertained with enough information to satisfy the adults.

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, museums such as these made science memorable and created experiences which I soon built on by choosing a science based career.

So it seems, colliding science with art and activities to form the creation of memories and experiences rather than teaching the nitty gritty of principles is great way to inspire kids into science.

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