Opening up Research for Patients

Advances in technology have rapidly changed almost every aspect of day-to-day life with people of almost every generation now with a smart phone or some other sort of gadget that is designed to make life easier. A lot of these ‘essential’ gizmos I’d like to think I could live without but there are a few that definitely have my backing.

The patientACCESS® scheme which allows cancer patients and their carers to access medical research journals now has an app. I’m sure every medical or biomedical student has faced the frustration of finding the perfect article for a piece of work and then finding there is no way to getting it without paying a pretty hefty price. The restriction of access to journals is always a conundrum as journals need to make money to pay their employees, ect but if he research is being done to aid patients who cannot view the articles it all seems a bit closed and slightly unfair.

The patient access scheme is opening up this bundle of scientific secrecy. The new application for both Android and iPhone allows people that have been given a login and password by their doctor to: book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, as well as the ability to look up research on their condition.

Technology being applied to medicine can sometimes be an unsettling prospect but allowing patients more freedom to see the scientific advanced that directly apply to them can only be a good thing.


About juliarosencl

I’m Julia Rose Humes and my main area of interest is the biochemistry of brains. Give me an intracellular pathway that leads to cell death in neurons or a drug that can affect how brain cells respond and I’m your girl. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything but I am constantly amazed by scientific research and discoveries, and that’s my reason for wanting to be part of this blog. I hope that my career path will lead down the rabbit hole into a laboratory working on neurodegeneration but I intend keep up the hobby of scientific writing as much as I can. Science can be scary when your first starting out or don’t have a scientific background. I remember trying to read a journal article in the first few weeks of my undergraduate degree and even the title gave me a headache. If I can be any help in explaining the science behind the news or just present the intriguing science that hasn’t made it onto the TV, my job will be done.
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