A digital era

How do you get your news?

After today’s talk by Rachel Kerr from BBC News Online, I was left considering the changes in the media world as it becomes increasingly web-based.

The digital era is rising.  Newspaper sales are on a decreasing trajectory and with access to the internet increasing, more and more people are using it as a news source.  Ofcom data shows 49% of adults now use the internet as a news source compared to 27% in 2007.

The internet has made news more convenient, appealing, and easier to integrate into our everyday lives. Online news provides clear digestible articles with rapid updates, easy access on the go and the ability to search for past or related news.  Younger audiences are being increasingly targeted as news becomes incorporated into social networks, such as twitter, and with news apps now designed for smart phones, the world of news is available at our fingertips.

But what does this mean for science communication? Rachel showed us how the use of video, like this one about “mapping” the brain, can be a powerful tool in relaying complex science to the public. With the use of attention grabbing graphics, clear commentary of the science and the ability to pause, rewind and search simultaneously for related topics, videos provide a unique and superior experience for communicating scientific developments that newspapers simply cannot.

No longer having to get tangled in the pages of a broadsheet, news online has certainly been welcomed into my life!  

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