It’s Christmas! So where are all my toys?

Think back to when you were 5 and the feeling of joy when you ran downstairs on Christmas morning and opened piles of presents and found that giant box of Lego, spending all Christmas day building houses and cars. Then think back to when you were 12 and you woke up to that new microscope and Weird Slime Lab, and how you spent the rest of the holidays looking for things to examine.

Now fast forward a few years (or 10!) and look at what you got this Christmas. If you’re like me then you got a Nexus 7 tablet, a new Radley handbag and a year’s worth of socks. Fun? Exciting? Not so much. But I’m 21, do I really want to wake up to a fart kit or perfume making set?

So what fun, cool, exciting science kits are out there for adults? Well, from looking in a few toy shops there isn’t much. But after a bit of digging online I did find some websites that supply some more grown up science kits. This model combustion engine would make a great present for dad’s and this forensic kit would intrigue any CSI obsessed mum! However, personally, I would really like one of these microscopes and this awesome genetics kit in my Christmas stocking next year!

To start writing your letter to Santa for next year check out these websites for some grown up science fun… Curious Minds, Science Museum Shop and Scientifics Online.

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