Reflective piece

So far I would say the course has been interesting albeit a little challenging for me trying to find appropriate topics to blog about(that’s why it’s academic I guess) but when I actually got into it, it flowed easily.

I enjoyed the talks by the speakers and their career paths but I mostly liked doing the oral presentations(the preparation,trying to simplify the language used, listening to different presentation styles). It made me realize how much assumptions we make in everyday conversations saying things like “you wouldn’t understand”. Maybe we should question our ability to explain instead of the other person’s ability to comprehend.

However, I did not particularly enjoy writing the press release, probably because I had no previous knowledge of press releases and I felt one seminar on it was not actually enough.

I was also surprised at the amount of effort put into publicizing science in this part of the world as it contrasted the attitude in my home country where science needs little or no publicity. It is almost the natural course expected of any “bright” student.

I never really appreciated, before this course, the difficulties encountered by scientists trying to communicate their new research discoveries to the general public. With the issues of misinterpretation of results coming up every so often.

It has been a good experience so far, introducing me to a world I knew little about and a pleasant deviation from the hardcore science I have become accustomed to.


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