Tick Tock….

Recently, I have taken an interest in the concept of ageing, probably because I am undeniably getting older. I remember wishing I was 18 at 16 so I could finally have adult rights. Now I think the years are going way too fast.

So you can imagine the relief I felt when I listened to Tom Kirkwood‘s Reith lectures and he explained how we are not programmed to die, rather we have programming for survival. Yippie!!!!

Wait, but why do we still age….and die?

Turns out the process of “maintaining” the body is really energy consuming and the body soon succumbs to normal wear and tear. The amazing thing about this is that even though the body might not live forever, our systems places great importance in the maintenance of germ lines(I find this particularly comforting because it means that I can still leave a part of me in form of an offspring)

More good news is that our genes are just a mere part of the equation, according to this TED TALK, we can influence how are genes are expressed by the everyday choices we make. My research project also looks at how diet affects telomere length(the genetic marker of age), the results should be interesting.

It is no novel news that the fastest growing age group are the over 85’s- people are living longer. I can only hope the quality of life matches up to the quantity because frankly, nobody wants to live longer if it involves ill health.


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