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Science communication. It is by no means the be-all and end-all of science as a field nor as a concept, but effective communication is an important cornerstone of any endeavour.

Encompassing everything from writing, public relations, radio, video, TV and – increasingly – social media, this rapidly expanding field bears the brunt of increasing interest and intrigue. It stands to reason then that as science communication continues to grow, those gifted in its fluent portrayal cannot know everything there is to know about everything.

Indeed, it is not necessarily what you know, but who you know. Impossible as it is to be an expert in every field, it is more pertinent to ask the right questions to the right people, with bonus points if they’re the expert! It’s advantageous, therefore, to be in the know as to who’s in the know! This is where social media – Twitter being a prime example – comes into its own.

Science communication is by no means the new kid on the block. Science has always been shared and discussed, it is only now that this information is becoming mainstream. With accessibility comes readership, but the right channels and platforms from which to boost the information will determine the audience’s responsiveness.

It’s becoming an ever-present tool not just for scientists but companies and businesses too to rely on. An engaging and outgoing corporation will gain a more desirable public image, which more often than not equals more sales.  Big brands get big bucks right? Just what science needs!


About Alex Giffen

Hi there! I’m Alex. I’m here, along with my fellow geeky bloggers, to walk you through what’s new and exciting in the world of science. It’s a great time to be involved in biology and the medical sciences, but learning about new and funky advances can sometimes make your head spin! As a biomed, I’m constantly introduced to innovative, clever techniques and research into health and disease. So watch this space, who knows what I might be writing about?! But rest assured I’ll make it fun and exciting…you might even find it interesting!
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