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Girl Talk Science Talk!

As students in a scientific environment, We’re exposed to some pretty inspiring women. Women that have achieved doctorates in the field of our choice. Women that are passing along their knowledge to the next generation of scientists, and we see these women every day. There doesn’t appear to be a great shortage of female scientists in the world, so why is there still a lack of representation of sciencey women in popular culture?

After asking several of my friends and family, the following people occurred to us:



Brian Cox

Mr Spock (Star Trek)

Mulder (X-files)

Dr Frankenstein

Dr Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Gill Grisham (CSI)

Henry Jekyll (Jekyll and Hyde)

Emmet Brown (Back to the Future)

Molly Hooper (BBC Sherlock)

Jean Grey (X-men)

Dana Scully (X-Files)

Now, this may not have been a particularly scientifically accurate survey, but you can’t deny that a quick whip-round for names resulting in less than 40% being women, is a cause for concern.

The women that are so key in our education and indeed the young women entering the scientific field when we graduate, are being under represented and under acknowledged in the public sphere. Have we really entered an era where a female scientist can expect the same respect from the public as a man in a white coat? That isn’t to say that any woman should change her attitude or actions in a scientific setting. I suppose we can be content with the fact that those female scientists that do appear on our TV;s are interesting, three-dimensional characters that are intelligent and to be respected, all the while being no less feminine.


I sincerely hope that those names are a coincidence, but if they’re not? We’ve got this.


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