Living in Space?? I’d think again

As a kid, the first time I heard of space totally blew my mind and fascinated me, and growing up I always had this dream about living/being in space. When I grew older in pursuit of that dream I had to research about it and gain some knowledge. After hours of research including articles, videos and studies, I decided I am very happy with my place right here on mother earth, I think you would agree with me if you keep on reading.

Gravity on earth stabilizes loads of bodily functions, and since space is a state of no gravity (weightlessness) –like swimming in a pool – the body can’t perform in the same manner.

Astronauts experience a lot of conditions, which are much less common on earth. The main culprit for those would be weightlessness. These conditions include:

  1. Space adaptation syndrome: a condition experienced by around half of space travelers during adaptation to weightlessness. It is related to motion sickness, as the vestibular system adapts to weightlessness.
  2. Spinal expansion due to absence of gravity’s pulling force.
  3. Osteoporosis: decrease in bone mass and density due to lack of gravity/stress.
  4. Muscle Atrophy: a decrease in the mass of the muscle, due to not exerting much effort in a null gravity environment.
  5. Puffy faces/bird legs: due to even distribution of bodily fluids caused by null gravity/pull force.
  6. Blood atrophy (up to 22% loss of blood volume)

The video by Michael Stevens explains more and give more details and interesting links.

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