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Science communication can be difficult. It can be difficult for a variety of reasons, but one of the larger difficulties lies in reaching an audience – in order to communicate science, there must be somebody to communicate to – but how can we reach as large of an audience as possible?

Social media websites provide one effective solution. Sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all have massive and diverse user bases of people looking to be entertained, learn new things, and find things to talk and express opinions about.

If science can be communicated in such a way that it provides these things to people, then they will be happy to continue to view, discuss, share and dare I say even ‘like’ this content.

There are many excellent examples of success using social media platforms to communicate science. Why not check out pages such ‘I f***ing love science’, ‘ScienceAlert’, and ‘Science is Awesome‘ on Facebook; or head over to YouTube and try channels like ‘SciShow’ and ‘MinutePhysics’, or one off videos such as this?

Science-focused Facebook pages with as many as 5 and 9 million ‘likes’, and YouTube channels with 1 or 2 million subscribers regularly getting more than 250,000 views are communicating Science to massive audiences, and for the foreseeable future this more social approach is only going to grow in popularity and reach.

Please share your favourite examples of science communication on social media by commenting!

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