Something a little bit different

After two years learning intricate details of various biological cycles, when we were given the option to do a module that took a step back from the cells and looked at how the public are involved and affected by science, I had no hesitation in choosing it.

One of the main things that I learnt was how important it was to be clear and concise when communicating science. This is especially important for news articles as the reading age for the North East is only eight years old. I found it particularly difficult taking a complex science paper of seven pages and cutting it down to 250 words for a press release. As with news articles, it was necessary to put the important and attention-grabbing information first and then slowly increase in detail, as you never know when someone may have to break away from reading an article.

Public speaking has never been a forté of mine so I knew I would need to practice the oral presentations in advance. Therefore I was glad of the opportunity to be able to present my paper to science students at a local school. However, no matter how many times you practice something things can go wrong. For one, I always end up speaking quicker when doing a presentation, and filling up the extra time created is never easy.

I have enjoyed this module and the opportunity to do something a little bit different, and the skills learnt will certainly be useful for the future.

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