Who would want to be a scientist?

Well me. If you had asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I may not have said a scientist, in truth I could never think of an answer to that question, but I always knew it would be something to do with science. However it seems that many children these days do not find science lessons interesting. That does not mean that however that they have no interest in science. In fact, according to the Radio Times there has been an increase in 4-15 year olds watching Doctor Who, it is just unfortunate that many science lessons are spent indoors copying out tables, instead of perhaps making rockets.

Fortunately for me, my primary school had a lot of interactive science lessons, from collecting insects from the canal, to parachute making competitions, and of course anything involving bunsen burners. I expect this is one of the reasons that science always held an attraction to me, it had always been one of the more exciting lessons I could look forward to. By secondary school it was evident that the focus had shifted to passing exams and less on having fun.


This is where STEMNET comes in. The organisation aims to make the sciences appealing to children. They have ambassadors who are experts in a particular field, who give interactive sessions to children to teach them about something they may not have heard about and to inspire them that they could also do something like that.

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