From word of mouth to word of tweet

Despite the craze evolving in my very own generation, I cannot pinpoint the moment people stopped talking and writing, and started tweeting and typing! It’s becoming so common and in every aspect of our lives; from our personal, social lives to breaking worldwide news, and from the next best shoe sales to the next worst tsunami .

What’s more, however serious and complex science can be, it’s one of the most discussed subjects on twitter, varying from irrelevant and funny to groundbreaking and serious!

And does it surprise you? Combine the fact that Twitter’s 200 million registered users will produce 110 million tweets per day and that information over the internet can nearly travel at the speed of light… I cannot think of any better way of communicating to the millions within milliseconds!

Ironically, it was science that even made it possible for the internet to evolve in the first place!

evolution of men (1)

Speaking of evolution… had such a phenomenon existed back in the 19th century, one simple tweet from @ChazDarwin: “who knew @KingKong is our distant ancestor? #crazyfact”, would’ve sent the media world into uproar! I can only imagine the response:

@ChristiansRUs: “@ChazDarwin don’t be so ridiculous! @TheAlmightyGOD created #ThePlanetEarth #getoveryourself”

@Adam: “How dare you @ChazDarwin…don’t put me and my girl @Eve down like that!”

Whatever next?! Maybe when my baby is born it’s first “words” will be a tweet on twitter, reading:

@BabyGraceJr: gaga! #itsmybirthday

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