Me, Myself and Sci

So it all comes down to this. The final piece of the course. *Holds back tears*.

In all seriousness, this Science Communication module has been fantastic, although not at all what I expected. In a way it’s been a lot more hands-on and interactive than I’d anticipated, which is how science should be I guess!

From session to session I found myself thinking “I never knew jobs like this actually existed”. Whether that’s just naivety on my part or that science communication and its associated necessities have bloomed over the last decade at least, is up for debate!

The course has certainly given me lots to think about when I’m communicating science myself. Whether it’s simplifying science, beauty blogging or overseeing the ponderings of other scientists, I have a better appreciation of the enthusiasm and dedication of science communicators from all walks of life on a larger scale.

As I’d hoped, the module has driven me to contemplate a career in science communication, which prompted me to sign up to the PSCI-COM mailing list. Every day I’m notified of upcoming events, festivals and opportunities pertaining to science communication. This fervour displayed by those involved was echoed by our lecturers when talking about their professions.

A common consensus throughout the module was that science communication is jumping on the band wagon of social media. Maybe our ability to put forward arguments in a character-limiting shrunken form has had an impact on our shrunken attention spans!

A massive thanks to all involved!


About Alex Giffen

Hi there! I’m Alex. I’m here, along with my fellow geeky bloggers, to walk you through what’s new and exciting in the world of science. It’s a great time to be involved in biology and the medical sciences, but learning about new and funky advances can sometimes make your head spin! As a biomed, I’m constantly introduced to innovative, clever techniques and research into health and disease. So watch this space, who knows what I might be writing about?! But rest assured I’ll make it fun and exciting…you might even find it interesting!
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