My day at BBC Newcastle

Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to spend a morning with our guest lecturer Rachel Kerr at BBC Newcastle. An avid fan of the BBC, I spent the day before excitedly reading up on the latest North East stories and noting the tone and language style. I didn’t expect such a varied day. Rachel works in online news and I spent a lot of the morning learning about her job, but her colleagues in other departments were so obliging that I sat in on a team briefing, met some presenters, sat in the Look North presenter’s chair and even got to use the autocue!

I learnt about sound technology and the complexities of linking satellite communications with the news presenter. Timing is everything. To end the morning, I sat in on a live recording of the 1.30 news bulletin. The flurry of activity that goes on behind the camera in the production room is something I had never appreciated before. It’s a pressured environment and there’s really not much room for mistakes. The production team worked seamlessly to deliver what we see pretty much everyday. I did become privy to a few tricks of the trade.

Above all, the most rewarding part of the day was speaking to journalists and editors about my career plans and the warm encouragement I got from everyone. A biomedical sciences degree isn’t exactly the typical way into a media career, but I think in journalism your motivation can be demonstrated just as much by your experience as your qualifications.

All in all, it was a great day out!


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