Science and Speaking

There was a lot to take from the presentation workshop. One of the most striking points was how much of a hindrance PowerPoint presentations can be. From growing up at a point where Microsoft Office became widespread in schools I’ve always had the idea of PowerPoint being the modern, sleek method of presenting information. “This ain’t your daddy’s presentation”
To be encouraged to move away from PowerPoint was quite a novel idea to me. In some cases a dynamic slideshow can be a great way to present information however it needn’t be the only way.
No one wants to have to read a large block of information, even if each letter is projected to be the size of a human head. I think an effective way of presenting something is novelty. It doesn’t necessarily have to be outlandish. After being used to constantly seeing PowerPoint lectures, I’m a lot more likely to take an interest if I have to listen without a screen to just stare at.

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