Bring out your inner child… and stick some goggles on it.

 It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of children. They’re sticky, they’re loud and they’re annoying. That being said, the job descriptions given to us by Roy and Eileen from the Discovery and Great Hancock Museums would tempt even myself into a career working with children. The way that we present science to a modern audience has come so far since children learnt the periodic table in dusty classrooms and it couldn’t be better.


Not only are today’s museums aiming to form partnerships1 with local schools, they’re making even the adults feel like children again2. The idea that we remember what we enjoy is certainly a good one and bringing that sense of fun to children and adults alike sounds like the ideal career. Of course, no career comes without it’s challenges, but even then these seem like fun! Planning events and workshops for children, practical learning, holiday-themed events and creating installations. It’s like trying to sneak learning into playtime without anyone noticing, no wonder I always used to beg my mum to take me to the Natural History Museum every time we ventured into London.


I mean, Look at this!

It’s an entire wall of sound!


But even better, it’s an entire wall of sound made from live, unedited internet pages, chat forums and podcasts. And it’s music. An art installation in a science museum.

Who said art and science don’t go together?

1-  (28/12/13)

2- (27/12/13)

3-  (27/12/13)

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One Response to Bring out your inner child… and stick some goggles on it.

  1. vanarm says:

    Perhaps some of these things are not only good for children but adults as well and teh rpesence of a child gives the adult an opportunity to revert back to childhood?Interestingblog

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